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The 10 Top Search Engine Ranking Tips

There are plenty of companies around offering 'first page ranking'. They guarantee top page listing in the major Search Engines, within 3,5,7 days for as little as £199.

The problem is the search terms they use to get these results won't actually guarantee you any customers.

Say your website is
First page ranking can easily be achieved for the search terms, 'davidcoupland',
'couplandaccounts', 'davidcouplandaccounts' and ''.
Technically the ranking company has completed their side of the agreement, but anyone generally looking for an accountant is unlikely to find the site.

The ranking company will tell you that getting top ranking for your preferred keywords and terms, 'will take time' and will cost you more.

So could you do it yourself and it so how?

Unfortunately the reality is that it will take time for both yourself and ranking companies, but there are several extremely effective techniques that are invaluable and will speed up the listing and ranking process:

1. Submitting your site monthly to the major Search Engines using a guaranteed inclusion service such as Submitting monthly will increase the value of your website in the eyes of the search engines.

2. Change your site content and Meta Tags before each submission. This will over time enabling multiplelistings for a single URL.

3. Incoming links from highly ranked sites. Try contacting sites similar to yours though not direct competition, and request mutual or ideally exclusive links to your site.

4. The frequency of keywords used in the text of your site.

5. Always choose a relevant title for your submitted page. The title should reflect both your keywords and URL. Each link page should have a different relevant .

6. Avoid image only websites. Only a site made up mainly of text can be effectively placed in the major search engines.

7. Be imaginative with your key terms. Use variations that your competitors don't use to improve your ranking.

8. Flash only websites cannot be read by Search Engines and your site will not be listed at all. You should consider building an alternative site in HTML.

9. Give all your images an tag that relates to your search terms and keywords.

10. Most Search Engines give more importance to the text closest to the top and bottom of pages, so this is where you should aim to concentrate your keywords.

Search Engine ranking takes patience, there is no magic technique, but if you follow the steps outlined above over time you can achieve good placement and exposure for your website.

Good Luck !!

Ashley Smith

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