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Search Engine Optimization
Find Reciprocal Links Partners

Having a website with high visibility is important whether you are trading online or have a message to spread around. Many methods are used to achieve this. However, the most cost-effective is to carry out search engine optimization so that it appears high up in Search Engine Results (SERP).

Website optimization involves:-
    1. Internal website optimization. This involves:-
      1. Title tag.
      2. Keywords tag.
      3. Description tag
      4. First sentence in the body tag
      5. H1, H2, H3, H3, H4, H5 and H6 tags
      6. Bold and italic tags
      7. Alt in the image tag

    2. External website optimization - Links
      1. The number of sites that link to your site, their theme relevancy and to some extent their Google Pagerank; this points to how popular the site is - how many other sites link to it. Greater the number of links point to your web site, higher the search engines will rate your site, and they will boost your rankings accordingly. Having Reciprocal links partners is a major factor your site will high in search engine results.
However, the second part of search engine optimisation is very time consuming. When you search for say "web hosting reciprocal link partners", expect a fairly large number of irrelevant sites to show up in the search engine results.

This happens because if a gambling website or a site selling motors happens to have words related to website hosting, it will also be included in the search engine results though the gambling site is irrelevant to web hosting.

To overcome this weakness of search engines searches, we have devised this method. It will select a site only if it contains one of your specified related category keywords in the title, description or url. Go ahead and Find Potential Reciprocal Links Partners

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