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Search Engine Optimization Services, Website Promotion
with both on page and off page optimization

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Search Engine Optimization Services - Rank on First Page, SEO, PHPLD Auto Approve Script


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Contact us: moc.lrepbd@nurat
Reciprocal Link to - Top-10 in Google

We provide SEO Services and reciprocal links building services campaign to take your website higher position in results as below:-
  • A white hat Organization
  • Themed Link Building Campaign for better serp
  • Keywords Analysis: The keywords on your pages are analysed and pages optimized.
  • Meta tags Description on page is analysed and optimized.
  • We undertake SEO jobs and submission to Google rtc. over 170 major earch engines (No FFAs etc)
  • No hidden text is inserted in the pages; considered as spamming.
  • No doorways pages or blackhat tools (automation) are used which can get your site bannned
  • Our services will result in improved Page Rank in Google
  • You will get a higher page rank and higher position in Results
  • Additional traffic - by more link building to sites similar in theme to yours, you will receive more targetted traffic.
  • WWW visibility - your site links at other sites increase your Internet presence.
Link building, besides Onpage Optimisation, is a very common method that you must use if you want more traffic. It may also help you achieve more traffic where link popularity is used as an essential requirement.

When a business owner gets a website for their business, they often expect their designer to know how to market their new website which may not be delivered. Website designers already have a difficult and mentally demanding job. Expecting them to be proficient marketers is expecting expecting a little too much.

Some SEO companies guarantee that you will get a high search engine position if you let them do the work for you. Actually, this is not possible. No company can guarantee high position in listings. If a company makes such promises, take a closer look at the guarantee. The catch often is that the company selects the search terms. You'll be listed for obscure search terms that nobody searches for. In addition, you should disbelieve promises that you will get 2000 links to your site within a week or so. If they link to you at all, these 2000 links are of poor quality or they don't have a similar theme as your web site.

Using Automatic Software for obtaining links?

Many web directories use scripted links to avoid leaking PageRank. Scripted links use PHP or JavaScrpt links to redirect the user to the target page. Although these links work correctly for most site visitors, they do not work for most search engine robots. We do not use or encourage this link building technique. Our Links Building Campaign and SEO Promotion: We manually find out web sites similar to yours, theme-wise (Category). We visit these sites to check their quality, write to them offering and requesting Reciprocal Links. Once agreed we publish their links on your website, manually, and verify they have your link on their web sites. Most search engines and spiders now discourage use of software for this. Increased quality links results in:-
  • Increased traffic to your website as some visitors to your reciprocal partners sites will click on your link there and thus arrive at your site.
  • Google and others take into account how many web sites are linking to you when calculating your ranking in the search results. Building link popularity will also get you higher PR rating in Google.

Our Offer - Link Building, 30 Links - US$ 75

  • We develop and integrate your link directory pages (link page template) as per the existing theme of your site
  • Link requests are sent separately to each prospective link partner.
  • 30 Reciprocal Links are guaranteed in this package with a minimum Google Page Rank of (PR2).

Monthly Reciprocal Link Directory Maintenance and Management - $40 per month

  • 10 new websites added to your existing directory during a month
  • Three link requests are sent to each prospective link partner with your themes.
  • Link Partners sites are visited to confirm continued presence of your links
  • Removal of dead links
We will be very happy to to hear from you about your requirements for building greater link popularity for you. Email us at moc.lrepbd @ nurat .

Avoid spending your valuable time on link building campaign. Outsource India, utilize our link building campaign and SEO promotion for building link popularity and achieve higher page rank and higher Search Engine Results Position.

Organic SEO takes lots of time and dedication. Many companies/clients simply can't/don't want to do that. PPC is a fast and easy solution, but it does cost a hell of a lot. The rankings are guaranteed to be there, but are the sales? And what about fraud? In fact we don't handle PPC campaigns.

A Google PageRank score of zero does not necessarily mean that a site has been penalized. A page may be assigned a rank of zero if Google crawls very few sites that link to the page in question. Additionally, pages recently added to the Google index may also show a PageRank score of zero because they have not yet been crawled by Googlebot and have not yet been ranked. A page's PageRank score may increase naturally with subsequent crawls, so this shouldn't be a cause for concern. So links from frequently crawled sites will get you a PageRank early.

  If you are using PHPLD script and the Pagerank does not work, contact us for a simple php script.

You just run this script and all submitted sites with no pagerank will have their Pagerank updated.

Extended version of the script will also approve automatically submitted sites if conditions you specify (minimum pagerank) are met. You can also specify banned sites, banned emails and banned domains being auto-deleted. I have 17 PHPLD sites and all this done on auto by a cron. Check at

Free One-way Links- on Auto.
Off Page optimisation.

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Reciprocal Links Partners | Our Link Partners

Use our SEO Services and reciprocal link building camapign service,(No automated SEO Tools), Optimization SEO and SEO promotion to sell your site.

If you have the time to do link exchange you can find Link Partners with Link Exchange Form / Link Submit Forms Here.

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